National Mediation Service
providing proactive, client-focused mediation services

Clerksroom offer a National Mediation Service (NMS) on
01823 704081.

If requested, Clerksroom staff will provide a certified mediator from the National Mediator Database which provides you with the required assurance that the mediator meets all current UK practice standards. Our certified mediator guarantee is set out clearly on each mediator profile under the tab "Certified Mediator". Mediators who do not meet our high standards are automatically removed from our database.

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Contact Lisa or Felicity on 01823 704081 for all enquiries, nationwide. Email:

If you are unable to fund mediation, we can refer you to LawWorks who will assess your eligibility for and offer pro bono (free) mediation.

If you are a mediator and would like to add your profile into the National Mediator Database, please click here to register. There is no charge for joining or membership of the National Mediator Database, it is a completely free service from Clerksroom.